Warsaw Ghetto Interview 1996

Warsaw Ghetto Interview, Warsaw, Pam Skelton,1996.

Censored is a research collaboration towards the realisation of a new project with curator Iliyana Nedkova,  Horsecross Arts and Nicolas Bone, Creative Director, Magnetic North Theatre Company.

The project explores how former or absent neighbours are perceived and remembered  in Poland, United Kingdom and Israel Palestine.

Censored will be an opportunity to collaborate and construct a constellation of multidisciplinary propositions resulting in artworks that will bring together voice, performance, sound composition, video installation to examine conflictual transnational memory   using the tools that Michael Rothberg proposes in his work on  multidirectional memory. That we work towards  a “new conception of justice, one in which transcultural comparison does not simply produce commensurability out of difference, but reconfigures the elements it brings together”.