Censored  is a proposed new multi-disciplinary arts project in collaboration with Iliyana Nedkova,  Creative Director of Contemporary Art Horsecross Arts and Nicolas Bone, Artistic Director of the award winning theatre company Magnetic North. We are currently applying for funding for the research and development stage of this project.  Censored proposes to bring conflicting histories onto the same platform by juxtaposing  testimonies from different positions across conflict  to explore points where they may meet and where we may construct a constellation of multidisciplinary propositions resulting in artworks that will bring together voice, performance, sound composition, text, image in a multi-screen video experience that touches East Europe and the Near East, the Jewish Holocaust and the Palestinian Nakba. Project consultants include Professor  Ilan Pappé and Professor Michael Rothberg.

Warsaw Ghetto Interview 1996

Warsaw Ghetto Interviews, Pam Skelton 1996 – 2015, video still.