Pam Skelton CV

Pam Skelton is a visual artist and researcher based in London. Her practice involves collaborations and multidisciplinary research which focus on neglected, contested, or underrepresented histories across moving image and lens-based media and archives. Concerned with the interface of public and personal memory in the aftermath of Fascism and the legacy of the former Soviet Union in East and West Europe she is interested in how art can address unresolved histories.

Pam was Reader in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s till 2013 and currently continues to supervise practice based PhD students. Her work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, France, Northern Island and Russia.  Publications include Conspiracy Dwellings: Surveillance in Contemporary Art (Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2010) and Private Views: Spaces and gender in contemporary art from Britain and Estonia (WAL/IIB Tauris, 2000).

2020Łobzowska 12 Krakow – generation to generation by Pam Skelton in Piasek | Sand by Sława Harasymowicz, (Independent Publishing Network, forthcoming July)
2020Magdalena by Pam Skelton in Salon for a Speculative Future, eds. Monika Oechsler and Sharon Kivland (MA Bibliotech forthcoming July 2020
2020Un-Censored:We Refuse to be Scapegoats by Pam Skelton in Feminist Art Activisms, Katy Deepwell (ed.) Valiz 2020 
2019Salon for a Speculative Future, group exhibition, Chisenhale Art Space, Chisenhale Studios, London
2017Pam Skelton: In the Societies of Control, artists pages and essay by Jan Kolsky Fotograf # 30 eye in the sky, Prague, CZ.
2014Conspiracy Dwellings Artists Pages in Vol 34 Lessons from History N. Paradoxa International Feminist Art Journal
2013Hotel Minerva, in the Beijing Academy Film Triennially
2013Pam Skelton, ‘In the Event of Snow’ video installation, in Cartographies of Life and Death: John Snow & Disease Mapping, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London
2012Pam Skelton in Off the S[h]elf: the Self and Subjectivity in the artists book, Stockwell Studios, London
2012Screening, Conspiracy Dwellings in The Conversation and Surveillance, Passenger Films, Urban Lab, London
2011Pam Skelton, Hotel Minerva, video installation, in Archive of Exile, Bank Street Gallery, Sheffield.
2011Pam Skelton, Rosa, a window installation, at Goodens Gallery, 24/7, curated by Chris Meigh-Andrews   Vyner Street, London
2010Pam Skelton, Dangerous Places: Ponar, screenings in Surviving History Exhibition South Africa Tour 2010 curated by Dr Shivaun Woolfson and Frances Tay in Holocaust Centres in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa
 What’s the Difference! Chromosome works by Pam Skelton, Mirror Gallery, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, UK
2009Pam Skelton: Dwelling in the Space of Conspiracy, Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Art, University of Bath. UK
 Dwelling in the Space of Conspiracy in ISEA09, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, N. Ireland
2008Pam Skelton, Ghost Town, Wisconsin Jewish Film Festival, Madison, U.S.A.
 Pam Skelton, In the Space of Conspiracy, Tallinn City Art Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
 The Art of Birmingham 1940 – 2008, Birmingham City Art Gallery
2007/8Conspiracy Dwellings, South Hill Park, Bracknell, UK
2007Pam Skelton, Burning Poems, 2nd Moscow Biennale
 Conspiracy Dwellings // Konspirative Wohnungen: Erfurt, Germany
 Pam Skelton, Burning Poems, Sochi Art Museum, Sochi, Russia
2006Galerie L’Ollave, Preoccupations, l’ARTBORETUM, Argenton-sur-Creuse, France
2005Man (The Flaming Sideboards) Aine Art Museum, Tornio, Finland
 Death is Part of the Process, Void Gallery, Derry, N. Ireland
 Pam Skelton, Burning Poems, site specific video installations at the Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2004Strangers to Ourselves, 201 St John Street, London.
 Unframed, Standpoint Gallery, London.
 Something Strange: Aine Art Museum, Tornio, Finland.
 Self ish: Sicult, London and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter.
2003Strangers to Ourselves: Hastings Museum and Art Gallery and in locations throughout the S.E. of England.
2002Perceptions, Museum of Modern Art, Dubrovnick, Croatia.
 Hygiene, The Art of Public Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
 Ghost Town, (2 screenings) Translating Class, Altering Hospitality, Congress CATH, University of Leeds.
2001Pamela Hurwitz and her Friends, exhibition of new paintings, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham. Institute of Art and Design Birmingham
 Pam Skelton, Liquidators 2, Gallery Katva, Rovaniemi, Finland.
 New Permanent Collection, The Centre of Attention, London.
 Mute Loops a Filmwaves commission 2001 Lux Centre, London.
 Pam Skelton, Ghost Town, Brno House of Culture, Brno, Czech Republic.
1999Private Views, Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaujvarov Hungary.
 Sale or Return, Fruitmarket Gallery, Glasgow.
 Private Views, Co- Curated with Mare Tralla, Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn.
 VideoMedeja, Third International Video Summit Novi Sad, Serbia.
1997Virtual Vulgarity– International Biennale of the Feminist Art and Histories Conference, Reading University.
1996The Leading Edge’ The London Institute Gallery, London.
 Pandaemonium – The Digital Lab, Institute of Contemporary Art, London.
 The Unthinkable is the Unknowable – Ten Years after Chernobyl, Camerawork, London.
 Kunstler forchen nach Auschwitz, Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst, Berlin, Germany.
 Art ’96, Letherby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, London.
1995After Auschwitz – Installations’ Imperial War Museum, London.
Pam Skelton, Dangerous Places – Ponar City Art Gallery Leeds.
Pam Skelton Dangerous Places – Ponar Gallery 101 Ottawa, Canada.
William Geer, Friends past and present – Birmingham City Art Gallery.
1994/5Pam Skelton, Dangerous Places – Ponar 7 channel video installation and ‘The X Mark of Dora Newman painting installation, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.
1993Collaboration with dancer Rosemary Lee and ‘Threads’ Exhibition of paintings at Chisenhale Dance Space, London.
1992Pam Skelton, As Private As the Law, Galerie L’Ollave, Lyon France.
 Somatic States, The Quicksilver Gallery, Middlesex University and The Norwich Gallery, Norwich.
1991As Private As the Law, Galerie L’Ollave, Lyon France.
 Critical Practices, Bridge Gallery, Central Saint Martins College London.
 Amnesty International Art Exhibition, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry.
Borderlands, Autonomous Cultural Centre, Weimar, Germany.
1990London Art ’90, Design Centre, London.
 Central Saint Martins 7th Floor Gallery.
Sommerr Atelier, Hannover, Germany.
Gas Hall Exhibition, Birmingham Art Trust. Birmingham.
1989/90Pam Skelton, Groundplans, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
 Paintings, Long and Ryle Gallery, London
 Work from the Birmingham Studios, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry.
6 Artists from the Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh.
Pam Skelton, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
 Artist in Residence, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
1988David Mabb, Pam Skelton, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
 Grace Erickson, Pam Skelton, Southampton City Art Gallery
Large Paintings, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
 Women and Water, group show, Odette Gilbert Gallery, London
1987Pam Skelton, Peintures, Gallery L’Ollave, Lyon, France
Works on Paper, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
Athena Art Exhibition,(Shortlisted artist and prizewinner) Barbican Centre, London
The Day Book, large group show, Smiths Gallery, Touring.
 L’Ollave in Birmingham, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham
1986Pam Skelton, Paintings and Works on Paper, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1985Kate Blacker (Photos) and Pam Skelton (Peinture) Maison des Expositions de Genas, France Reflections, Sonja Boyce, Pam Skelton, Kate Whiteford, Riverside Studios, London
 Paradise Lost, Jacqueline Morreau and Pam Skelton, Ikon Gallery, Touring Exhibition.
2012Wellcome Grant and Arts Council Lottery Funded, for Cartographies of Life and Death
2009-11AHRC Speculative Grant, Commission for the project Archive of Exile in collaboration with Jessica Dubow
2007Kulturstiftung des Bund, Germany, Exhibition Grant for Conspiracy Dwellings
2007Arts Council Lottery Funded Grant
2007Sabbatical, University of the Arts, London
2006AHRC, Award, Conspiracy Dwellings exhibition project, Germany
2004-2005British Council Russia, for Burning Poems, St Petersburg
2002Institute Francais Award for Perception, Dubrovnik
2001British Council Exhibition Award
 Calouste Gulbenkian Award
 Wellcome Trust Award
1998Arts Council of England Award
 British Council, Exhibitions Award
1996British Council, Exhibitions Award
1995Major Sabbatical Award, Rootstein, Hopkins Foundation
1994Arts Council of Great Britain Exhibitions Award
1991Birmingham City Council, Travel Grant
1989West Midlands Arts Award
1987City of Birmingham Fine Art Award
 Finalist in the Athena Art Awards
1983West Midlands Arts Award
1972Lord Caron Award in Painting
 Authored publications
2010Pam Skelton, Journal Article, Antagonistic Dwellings: Surveillance in Stasi Germany, An Art Project in Special Number, Cityscapes of the German Democratic Republic, ed. Renate Rechtien, in German Life and Letters Volume LXIII No. 4. October 2010. (Wiley-Blackwell), pp 458-474.
2010Conspiracy Dwellings: Surveillance in Contemporary Art, ed. Outi Remes Pam Skelton. (Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP)
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 Pam Skelton, Pamela Hurwitz and her friend’s exhibition catalogue and essay Ed. Swift, J, ARTicle Press, Birmingham
2000Pam Skelton introduction, ‘shifting subjects – beyond the east-west divide’ Ed.. Dimitrakaki, A, Skelton, P, Tralla, M Private Views – spaces and gender in contemporary art from Britain and Estonia pp10-17 (WAL/IB Tauris 2000).
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 Work sited in selected books, reviews and articles
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