In Case of Snow


In Case of Snow, image Dufour Place, single channel video, Pam Skelton, 2013

In Case of Snow, image Dufour Place,single channel video, Pam Skelton, 2013

In the Event of Snow forms an assemblage of the social, historical and architectural cityscape of John Snow’s Soho and uses his groundbreaking map which tracked the cases of people who caught Cholera from drinking contaminated drinking water from street pumps in the Soho street.

The camera becomes an investigative tool, tracking and scanning the details of streets and buildings of photographs of the streets and buildings of Soho in a ghostly meandering across time.

The work was commissioned for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s exhibition Cartographies of Life and Death: John Snow & Disease Mapping, 2013 and funded by Arts Council England and the Welcome Trust


In the Event of Snow, single channel installation, video still. Image Brewer Street, courtesy of Survey for London, English Heritage Pam Skelton, 2013.